Perceptions of the Paranormal


There are many names for Bigfoot, many people believe that this creature is also the notorious yeti in snowier climates, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, and more.

Tales of this large and elusive creature go back even beyond Native American times, but the tales that they told were some of the best accounts that we have been told. The important thing about the Sasquatch? The fact that the stories, sightings and beliefs haven’t only lasted all this time, but they are also becoming more intense.

I know that not everyone finds the Bigfoot mystery fascinating, but consider this; no scientist has been able to disprove the best evidence, even by using their most sophisticated technology.

There are a lot of sightings of Bigfoot over the years. Many of them have been by multiple people at once. There are quite a few places that have continual sightings, in the southern areas and in the farther western areas. In the south, there are a lot of different names for Bigfoot, and depending on where you go, there are plenty of people that would be willing to take you to the areas where you could see them the best.

Bigfoot has gotten so famous that even scientists have gotten involved in the belief, and have begun trying to learn whether or not there really is such a creature, or whether a creature that large could indeed survive in the areas that they are most often sighed.

As a matter of fact, recently, there was a huge collaboration by some of the top minds in the scientific community in which they all came together and studied the evidence that had been found and documented over the last 20 years, and individually, according to their fields of expertise, did a thorough investigation. Their official findings? Most of them said that they would stake their reputation on the fact that there was a large ape or primate like creature living in North America.

These are professionals that work in the industry, and their reputation is everything to them. That is rather huge for those interested in the supernatural.