Perceptions of the Paranormal

The Wolfman of Ky

There has been a lot of talk about paranormal activity in and around Ky, there are always a lot of stories about supernatural occurrences that come from the South and it isn’t because they like to make up stories, it’s because there is a lot of wooded and secluded areas.

The south, and especially Kentucky, is incredibly beautiful, and more than amazingly secluded. There are so many different types of terrain, including mountains, hills; large and small, and deep caves, that there is simply no way to say for positively certain that a wide assortment of creatures could live there. And, for that matter, scientists and zoologists alike have agreed that it is definitely possible for large creatures to exist in areas such as you see in the south.

The Wolfman sightings in Kentucky go back to at least 1972, when people started reporting strange attacks. Now, many of you are probably already aware of the Beast of Bray Road, in which several people have reported a werewolf/wolfman like creature attacking them and their vehicles, and seeing him cross the road or running in the woods and surrounding area. These sightings are quite similar, but are still distinctive, at least to the point where people agree that they might be the same type of creature, but they are not the same one.

In the most recent sightings, some pretty compelling evidence was caught on camera. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the new show called Mountain Monsters, but it is definitely worth a watch if you like creepy and unexplained things, and really, who better to search for a creature, then trackers and hunters themselves? If there is a possibility of catching the nearly UN-catchable, people like this would be the ones to root for.

The Wolfman isn’t exactly a new occurrence, it’s just that more obscure hunters now have more high tech equipment than they used to. There have been many sightings by several hunters, but they either shrug it off, don’t really want to talk to much about it, or simply cannot prove that they saw something, but with the advancements in technology, nearly everyone has some sort of recording device to at the very least snap a picture with. So now more than ever, these guys are finally able to start proving that they have seen something, with real evidence.

So, exactly what, or who, is the Wolfman? Is it a werewolf, a shape shifter, or something more explainable, like a bear or a regular wolf. Now, while here are bears and occasionally wolves in Ky, they are still pretty obscure; they just aren’t seen that often, even by hunters. That doesn’t rule them out, but the fact that the evidence captured, and analyzed, to date, does.

The evidence consists of tracks, scratch and claw marks, photos of the creature next to things like trees and large rocks for comparison purposes, and some pretty compelling video footage. Since there were several other objects to compare the creature to, and many footprints to gauge stride and likely weight. it is estimated that the Wolfman of Ky is between 7-9 feet tall, nearly 3 feet wide, and weighs around 300-500 pounds; that is one big beast!

Now the big question here is; is this a werewolf, or is it something else? The footprints and footage all show a more canine type of creature, not a bear or a large cat. The evidence shows that it is extremely large, and able to think and comprehend things more like a human than an animal, and it may hunch over on occasion, but it walks on two legs. Whatever this thing is, it isn’t something that you would normally run into, even in the vast Ky wilderness.

With technology advancing everyday, and hunters becoming more aware of the supernatural, and the fact that they just might be the very best ones to track such animals, there is no telling just how soon we might have real, legitimate proof that they really do live right among us.